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Goals are Good but Concentrate on Just One to Avoid Failure

I always remember the saying: ‘the most important thing about goals is having them’. I totally took that to heart and pride myself on diligently setting ambitious goals.

Along the way, I realized that goals are important, but having too many practically guarantees I’ll achieve none of them. I’d be all excited about all the areas of my life I was going to improve and the first week or two, I’d be doing great. And then I’d get a cold, or a demanding work project and then, one by one, the goals would fall by the wayside.

Then there’d be all that recrimination and self-doubt about why I couldn’t manage to keep at least one goal on track.

The problem wasn’t me; it was my overly zealous goal setting. With all the things already on my list of to-dos, did I really need to add on three or four or five big goals?

We’ve come to believe we can do it all, and that we’re excellent at multi-tasking. The simple truth is we’re not. Studies show that only 2.5% of the population can genuinely multi-task; there’s a very good chance neither you nor I are in that percentage.

Try this ONE thing

As you think about setting goals during this time of renewal, may I suggest you set one…just one. Go out and achieve that one AND then set another. ONE goal achieved feels so much better than three goals started then abandoned.

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