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Find Your Big Why? What’s the Feeling You’re After?

We’ve been talking about narrowing down your goals to your one gateway goal, which also will ensure it’s big enough. And we talked about being succinct about the ‘what’ and the ‘when’.

It’s time to revisit your why. Why, exactly, does this goal matter to you? Why does it matter to you to achieve it?

The best question to ask here is: what will you have if you achieve it?

Very rarely do we want to achieve something for its own sake. It’s usually because of something we believe we will have once we achieve it.

When I wanted to lose weight, it wasn’t because I wanted a specific number on a scale (how often does that come up in conversation anyways 😊). What I really wanted was to feel good. I wanted to not stress getting dressed in the morning. I wanted to enjoy it when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I wanted to wear sexy lingerie.

If you look closely at those reasons, you’ll notice it’s all about how I wanted to feel when I lost the weight.

Try this ONE thing

As you think about your goal, think about the feeling you’re going after that you think you’ll achieve when you achieve the goal. Tap into that feeling you’re after; that’s what will keep you motivated.

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