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Feel Your Fear of Writing Down a ‘Best Before’ Date And Do It Anyways

I speak with many of you who really get stuck at this stage, when you’re adding a timeline to your goal. This can be scary because your fear of failure starts to show up here.

You hesitate to set a date because you’re uncertain about whether your goal is even possible in the first place. So attaching an ‘I want to make this happen by _______’ date can feel like you have to stretch yourself too much to believe it can happen by that date.

This is a critical step to goal getting and I’m going to push you to set one. Without an end date, your goal never really becomes real. It remains in that ‘someday’ state, making it difficult for you to be motivated to take the actions necessary to achieve your goal. Without a timeline, you are lacking the sense of urgency that will push you through to completion.

Your goal never comes due.

Try this ONE thing

Spend some time thinking about two dates:

1. The date by which you really want to have achieved your goal

2. The date by which you are sure you can achieve the goal

That first date is likely too ambitious and unrealistic; the second date will take too long.

Now find the compromise date that feels close enough to keep you inspired but long enough to feel realistic without stressing you out. Write this date down, even if you feel a little bit afraid; this date will pull you forward in ways you cannot yet imagine. Trust me on this.

Stay tuned for this month’s FREE My #3 Secret Success Tip: Make Your Goal Very Simple coming on November 30. In the meantime, if you want some help figuring out your gateway goal, I’m offering a FREE 15-minute call where we can work through it.

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