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Effortlessness – Much Easier Than It Sounds

Back when I was studying to be a coach, there was an assessment we were given where one of the questions talked about how effortlessly you were living. Huh?! I was a single mother, raising two teenagers with a full-time career. Effortlessness was not even a concept for me. But the idea parked itself in my brain and I kept coming back to it and pondering it. Could effortlessness really exist? For me?

I began toying with the idea and experimenting with how I could introduce some effortlessness into my life. (And the irony that the word itself has four syllables is not lost on me, believe me).

Here’s how I created some effortlessness for myself:

  • I had a great hair salon, but I had to drive 40 minutes into the city to get there and then search for paid parking which turned something that should be enjoyable into a grind. I found a new salon 10 minutes away.

  • Packing and unpacking and ironing business wear 3x a month is a pain, so I gradually shifted my wardrobe over to travel-proof raw silk dresses and suits – easy to fold and no ironing required.

  • I converted from a weekly (or bi-weekly) house cleaning schedule to tidying up as I go so that three- (or four-) hour task almost disappeared.

  • When I had to clean out my entire basement in order to renovate it, I broke it down to small chunks done every week and before long I was done without making it a monumental task.

I’ve spent the last few years on the lookout for ways to streamline and maximize systems to make my life effortless. And now it is!

What is ONE thing you could switch up to make your life more effortless? Do that now! And tell me about it in the comments.

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