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Do You Know How You Most Want To Do Work That Matters?

I have a number of colleagues and friends who are searching for different work. Perhaps this is part of the Great Resignation, or maybe it’s just the human condition that we all want to matter, and the best way to do that is to work on things that matter.

One has gone to several interviews but is hesitating to put their hat in the ring. Another gets bogged down in the lack of support from their manager. Still another can’t seem to get out of a feeling of hopelessness.

I have felt that way in my work, especially when I was trapped in the endless cycle of manipulating a 45-thousand line spreadsheet three or four times a year. I was so mentally drained from that work that I lacked the energy to search for something new.

What I found when I stumbled upon a different philosophy was that I wasn’t asking myself the right question. When I started asking myself how I wanted to make the contribution I was here to make, my world shifted. Previously, I took jobs or stayed in jobs because someone else thought I was good at it. I was sure good at manipulating spreadsheets, so I stayed in a job that exhausted me for six years!

Now I’m in a job I love doing a lot of the things where I believe I can make my biggest contribution.

Try this ONE thing

Are you? Do you know how you want to make your contribution? Do you know what work matters most to you?

Figure that out and you’ll figure out where your ideal job is; or you’ll create that job!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about my next chapter; it will definitely uplift!

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