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Confidence Is About How Quickly You Get Back Up After Being Knocked Down

I was chatting with one of the leaders at my company last week and we were talking about what happens when something knocks us off our game temporarily. We suddenly get thrown into a little crisis of confidence.

Does it mean we really aren’t confident after all?

We decided it does not. No matter your level of confidence, you will occasionally get knocked down.

That’s not what matters though.

What really matters is how much time it takes you to return to your confident self. So our confidence goal is to keep shortening that return time until they day comes when you spend hardly any time at all trying to regain your confidence. You are confident no matter what. Imagine how sweet that will feel…

My sister, who believed in me like no one else ever did, gave me this little decorative box shortly before she passed. The top of it read, ‘my friend knows the song in my heart’. And when you opened it up, the inside read, ‘and sings it to me when I forget the words’.

Try this ONE thing

Focus on remembering who you really are, and make sure you have friends around you who also know and can remind you when you forget.

Celebrate the song in your heart, remember it, sing it loud. Wishing you to be your most confident self. Join the journey by signing up for my blog at or dropping me a note at

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