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Choose A Goal That Makes You Feel Inspired and Excited

Now that you’re figuring out your gateway goal, here’s another thing to consider: how does your goal make you feel? It shouldn’t make you feel like you’re running through mud; meaning, if your goal fills you with dread or if just the thought of it makes you tired, it’s not the right goal for you.

When you think about working to achieve your goal, you want to feel excited, full of anticipation, raring to go. Why?

Because a big, gateway goal will invariably be hard, at least some of the time. You will experience setbacks. You may want to give up. You’ll certainly have days where you are discouraged.

Make sure the thought of achieving your goal fills you with joy and makes your heart sing! That way you’ll be delighted when you achieve it but you’ll also enjoy the entire journey to it.

Try this ONE thing

Sit quietly with your goal and notice how you feel about it. Check in with your mind, heart and soul. Do you feel delight? If yes, go forward! Stay tuned for this month’s FREE My #2 Secret Success Tip: Ensure Your Goal Is Big Enough coming on October 26. In the meantime, if you want some help figuring out your gateway goal, I’m offering a FREE 15-minute call where we can work through it.

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