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Can You Enjoy What You Have Today Without Wishing It Were Different?

I read this quote on Insight Timer, my app for mindfulness by James Baraz, ‘Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening without wishing it were different’. Doesn’t that evoke a certain peace within you?

I remember years ago I went with my brothers to see a John Mellencamp concert. At one point, during a long guitar intro, you could see John on stage just looking out at the audience and smiling. He seemed to be just taking it all in and savouring it. I love that memory.

We spend so much of our time we are looking for more or better or different. We are striving. We are setting meaningful goals for ourselves and engaged in the pursuit of them.

Nothing wrong with that, do keep striving, do keep reaching for the stars.

But while you’re doing that, can you take a moment to sit in the stillness of enjoying what is happening right now? Can you let your mind be quiet for a moment of appreciation?

Try this ONE thing

The easiest way I find to do this is to take a few quiet moments to look around at all you have and all you’ve created and take a moment’s delight in all of it. Let yourself smile at the abundance that surrounds you.

Hey! Are you already successful and accomplished? Do you have many things to appreciate about your life right now? Are you always open to learning more and growing yourself?

Despite all your successes, do you sometimes doubt yourself? Do you hesitate to go after what you really want in life?

Or maybe you dismiss your past successes, putting them down to luck, and don’t really see how extraordinary you really are?

If this sounds like you, you and I should have a conversation. Drop me a line here,, and let’s talk!

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