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Are You Ready And Willing To Make Your Life A Little Easier?

In my podcast group this month we studied centenarians and the secrets of their longevity. I couldn’t help remarking on the absence of stress or efforting they all seemed to have in common. It’s not that they lived lives absent of struggle and strife; it’s that they all seemed to be at ease with life, regardless.


One is still a practicing doctor at 102, another took up running at 106. I would think those things might be hard, but they didn’t seem to think so.

And maybe that’s it. They didn’t focus on hard things. They didn’t complain, though I’m sure they could have.

 I started to reflect on how often I talk about how hard things are. January is hard because it’s cold and dark and snowy. True, but it’s wonderful to curl up under a blanket by the fire. It’s refreshing to bundle up and head out for a walk in the cool, crisp air. And let’s not forget those warm, woolly sweaters.


Perhaps I need a little less focus on how hard things are and a little more focus on what there is to appreciate. Oh to live to be 100 with such an attitude.


Try this ONE thing

What’s right about where you are right now? What is there to appreciate? I’ll bet more than you realize.



Hey! Are you already successful and accomplished? Do you have many things to appreciate about your life right now? Are you always open to learning more and growing yourself?

Despite all your successes, do you sometimes doubt yourself? Do you hesitate to go after what you really want in life?


Or maybe you dismiss your past successes, putting them down to luck, and don’t really see how extraordinary you really are?

If this sounds like you, you and I should have a conversation. Drop me a line here,, and let’s talk!

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