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And Another Simple Way To Stop Second-Guessing Yourself On Every Single Thing

What kind of company are you keeping? Are you surrounded by people who uplift you, who are in your fan club, who cheer you on?

Oftentimes, we hold on to relationships that are not nurturing, in some mistaken belief that they are grounding us and keeping us real. Or maybe we think it’s character-building to stay friends with someone who is harshly critical of us, or harbours a jealousy that turns passive-aggressive when we least expect it.

It is not. In fact, it’s incredibly harmful to your psyche, your confidence, your sense of wellbeing.

It’s time to move these folks out of your network, or at the least out of your inner circle. Sure it may be painful and you may find yourself missing them at times. Expect that but don’t use it as an excuse to keep allowing them to drag you down.

Try this ONE thing

Imagine who you could be and what you could do without their energy in your life.

Take one step today to move that person (you already know who I’m talking about) out of your life. You don’t have to have to make a big declaration and tell them all the harm they are doing; you just have to move in a different direction, towards people who help you spiral upwards.

And then watch how quickly you start trusting yourself again.

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