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Allow For Insight

I am a walker. I go every day. Sometimes I go with someone else. Sometimes I listen to Audible or a TED talk. Most times I use my walk to meditate, enjoy nature and allow for insights.

The process of getting insights only comes when our brain is quiet. It’s a moment of spark.

Dr. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute talks about the conditions needed for insight:

  1. A quiet brain – this doesn’t mean quiet as in sound, but quiet as in an absence of chatter.

  2. An attitude that’s at least slightly positive – we have to believe there is insight, an answer to be gained.

  3. Being able to block out external stimuli – think of being somewhere without distraction, or being able close your eyes briefly.

  4. Not directly thinking about the problem – meaning we don’t have to sit and think and think and think until we get an answer, we often get it when doing other things.

If you think about your last aha! moment, you’ll likely notice that at least some of these conditions were present.

Try this ONE thing

Next time you are in need of insight, try putting the problem in the back of your brain and taking a brief walk or some other mindful activity. And then see if in the next hour, or day or week you don’t receive your answer.

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