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Advance Confidently

I always loved this quote by Henry David Thoreau.

But how exactly does one advance confidently? The advancing part is easy, there’s almost no way to not keep advancing if we’re alive. But confidently? That’s the tricky part.

To advance confidently we must believe in our dreams long before they appear. We must keep believing even on the bad days, on the days we experience setbacks. We must believe even when it’s easier to give up.

Lately I’ve been listening to the animated videos of Abraham Hicks. These videos are suggesting that the way to our dreams is to quit focussing on lack. It seems that when we’re wanting, we keep our focus on what we want…and don’t yet have. The lack becomes our focus and so it continues.

The solution: focus on feeling good about whatever is good in your life. Focus on good emotions, perhaps on how good it’ll feel to have your dream fulfilled. In other words, only happy thoughts.

Try this ONE thing

It can be hard to stop focussing on lack but here’s one thing to try: the next time you start to think about why your dream is not yet here, or you’re obsessing about why it’s taking so long, just say ‘stop!’ and then do something like recite your phone number backward or take three deep breaths to interrupt the negative thought. Do this enough and you train your brain to quit bringing up those negative, wanting thoughts of lack.

If you want more information on how to do this more consistently, go here to book a call with me.

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