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Your Best You Is Longing To Seize The Spotlight More

Last week I mentioned Source energy when I was referring to Abraham Hicks. It occurs to me that might need a little bit of explanation. A Google search turns up this: ‘We can call this source energy a spirit, God, a higher power, or the universe, but it is definitely an enlivening current we can feel in our bones. Some may experience it as a vibration, some as stillness, others as a presence. Still others may simply feel totally awake and connected.

Sounds genuinely nice, doesn’t it? Or perhaps a bit woo-woo for some.

I like to think of my source energy as me in my purest, highest form, my essence...when I know who I am and what I’m here for and I’m doing it. It’s a place where no negative thoughts can disturb my peace. I’m being who I’m meant to be.

While studying Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine wanted us to tap into this space, which he calls our inner Sage. He had us get a picture of ourselves as a child and stare at it long enough that we could pick up on that sage presence, our true essence. Then we had to share our picture and how we saw ourselves to the other students.

Here’s my picture and what I saw in 5-year-old Karen.

She’s impish, confident, at ease with the world and...joyfully expectant.

I keep this picture in a beautiful frame and look at it often so I can tap into me at my essence. When I do, life is good.

Try this ONE thing

Find a picture of yourself as a child and stare at it lovingly until you can discern your essence, your source energy, your sage. What words describe that you?

Now post your picture (if you dare) and tell us who you are at your essence.

And if you’d like to work more deeply on this exercise, I’d love to talk with you.

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