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The #1 Reason to Aim High and Dream Big

One of the biggest fears that comes up when setting goals is being afraid to aim high and dream big. Again, that fear of failure can often prevent us from really going for it. By adulthood, we’ve already learned to edit ourselves and look to others for approval. So, we keep our goals small, acceptable, achievable.

Another fear is that we don’t yet know how we’ll achieve the goal. When we can't see the success from here, it’s so much easier to dial down the goal.

But small goals lead to small successes – no one ever writes books about people with small, safe goals.

We are inspired by the people who take moonshots. And why do they take moonshots? Les Brown said it best: “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Try this ONE thing

So go ahead and aim high, dream big. Even if you don’t achieve your moonshot, you’ll be so much further ahead. And even if you don’t know the how yet, you can still start from what you do know.

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