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It's a Good Time to Fill Your Life with More Ease and Effortlessness

I have always been drawn to these two words. The very image of floating through your life, with grace and an absence of pressure or anxiousness inspires me.

I remember a coach of mine having to repeatedly remind me, ‘there’s no need to rush’. This was in response to my walking through a hotel to get to my room to retrieve something and then get back to the meeting room. Picture me overtaking people in the hallway, pushing the elevator button more than once, fiddling in my purse for my room key. I was the very image of franticness. Why? Surely there was enough time to run this errand with ease, as my coach said.

As I’ve focussed on filling my life with more ease and effortlessness, I’ve come to realize there is enough time to get everything done without having to rush and push in frustration and haste.

And as I keep working to dial this down for myself, I can feel my heart rate slowing. I can breathe easier.

And I’m betting I’m much easier to be around.

Try this ONE thing

When you notice yourself rushing and pushing through your day, take a beat and slow down. Remind yourself there is enough time so rushing is not necessary. You can be easy; you really do not have to put in all that effort.

Want to try this for yourself? Let me be your coach, your mentor, your cheerleader; you will be amazed at the results! Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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