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Empathize the Positive and Do It On Purpose Every Day

Do you dwell on what’s wrong or what’s right? If you’re honest, you’ll likely say the former. We’re keenly aware of what’s missing, what we want that we don’t yet have. And guess what? That’s leaves us continually in the wanting stage, precisely because we don’t have it.

The Abraham-Hicks Foundation says this means we’re not in the vortex. The vortex is their term for being exactly in alignment with Source energy. It’s those feelings of enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy and appreciation when we feel an effervescence and sense that all is right in our world.

Being outside the vortex describes when we are energetically kinked, not receiving, not letting the good we’re wanting in.

No doubt you’ve felt both these conditions. Which is better? Easy, right?

But how do we get there?

Try this ONE thing

The answer is in the definition. Being in the vortex means we are feeling enthusiastic, inspired, passionate, joyful, appreciative.

So feel those feelings every day, all day if you can. Forget about what you don’t yet have and focus on anything and everything that makes you feel aligned to Source energy.

I’d love to talk with you about simple techniques you can do to stay in the positive. Take a free coaching call with me.

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