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Being Your Wonderful, Authentic Self Is the Best Way to Happiness

Last week was International Happiness at Work Week and I was honoured to get to speak to a worldwide audience about my own journey to happiness.

Even though I had to get up at 3:30 am, and I’m definitely not a morning person, I totally enjoyed sharing my story, tips, quotes and daily habits with the audience.

Later that same evening as I boarded my red-eye flight back home to Toronto, I had the chance to reflect on my journey.

I thought about who that woman was who had made this incredible journey from sadness, loneliness, overwhelm, languishing. How did I get from getting by to effortlessly loving my life?

When my thoughts turned to a challenge I am currently experiencing that won’t seem to quit me, I had an insight: that woman, the one who spoke so passionately earlier in the day about finding happiness, how would she approach this problem?

In an instant I knew what she would do. She would not sit back and wait for things to happen, she’d step in and step up and make a request. She would ask for what she wants and be okay whatever the answer. She knows that ‘boldness has genius, power and magic in it’.

And guess what?! She is me, wonderful, authentic me. And I know how to find happiness.

Try this ONE thing

Is there a you you’ve forgotten is in there? Lean on the wonderful, authentic you that knows exactly what to do next…and then take that step.

Are you ready to be your best, happiest self? Let me be your coach, your mentor, your cheerleader, so you become who you most want to be. I’ve done it and I can help you do it. Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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