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As A New Year Starts, Don't Forget To Close Out The Old

Can you believe we’re already in 2023! It truly seems like yesterday we were bracing for all that calamity that never came with Y2K.

Many of you have already made (and possibly broken) your New Year’s resolutions…not a fan of those ‘all or nothing’, ‘fingers crossed behind my back’ wish lists.

I am a fan of positive reflection, of taking a moment to look back over 2022 and giving yourself a pat on the back for all the wonderful things you did, the painful things you survived, and the growth you experienced. You did it!

I had a moment in 2022 when I realized I’ve got this! I have landed exactly where I’ve been aiming. I feel spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually content...bold statement, I know, but you know how I feel about being bold….I'm a big fan.

Try this ONE thing

And here’s a favourite little exercise to try as you wrap up the old year. Ask (and answer, the real key is in the answering) these three questions:

1. What was a defining moment for you this past year? You just read mine.

2. What will be a defining moment for you this coming year? Still percolating for me, but its something about making a big impact for others who want to feel as I feel.

3. What is ONE THING you can start doing now to create that defining moment? Stay tuned for mine.

Would you do me a big favour? Would you check out Karen Laidlaw the ONE Thing and give me some feedback. What do you like? What else do you want to see?

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