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A Fresh Way To Look At Your Life: Are You Superordinate Or Subordinate?

I’ve had this idea about being subordinate or superordinate to life. I can’t say its my original idea, but I also cannot trace its origins. I’m not even sure when I first had this idea or whether it came to me in a dream.

Nevertheless, it’s been a powerful motivator in my life and a concept I come back to again and again, especially when I’m struggling.

Here’s the idea: you are either subordinate or superordinate to life. And you get to decide.

Being subordinate means life has you, it calls the shots and tosses you around like a chew toy. Life is happening to you and you feel you have no say in what happens to you.

Being superordinate to life means the opposite. You are in charge, calling the shots. Life is happening for you, because of you.

Two simple words yet two profoundly different mindsets.

If I am subordinate, I can’t have any impact on my life…whatever happens, happens and I have no control over it. Wow! That’s discouraging, isn't it?

If I am superordinate, I am choosing, deciding what I want my life to be like, how I want to be in my life, how I want to show up and what happens to me.

Try this ONE thing

When I’m living from a superordinate mindset, not only am I enjoying life more, but I’m also much more hopeful. I show up differently: I’m confident, I’m courageous, I’m happy.

Who might you be with a superordinate mindset?

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