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How resilient ARE you?

Free Assessment

Find out what needs your attention by completing the FREE Resilience Assessment!

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Do this assessment to pinpoint ONE thing that you can do to increase your resilience in these difficult times. 


Once you identify that ONE thing, you can begin to address it.  When you do that your confidence goes way up and your anxiety goes way down.

Start taking steps today to feel better and do better.  You’ll be amazed at the difference! 

How did it work for me?  


The 7th question rattled me...


As a newly-single parent of two in a new job, I was worried all the time about making ends meets.  This worry interfered with my peace of mind and drove me to obsessively focus on my spending.  I was NOT prepared financially for continual change.   


This assessment showed me how this was negatively impacting me and inspired me to fix the situation


I found a financial planner and together we made a solid plan that I have steadily worked.  I’m proud to say I’ve met all my financial goals and nowadays never spend any time stressing over my finances. I am financially resilient now and have been for several years.


All thanks to this ONE assessment.


Hi! I'm Karen Laidlaw.


I am a global master facilitator for a Fortune 100 multi-national and have spent the last 15 years facilitating positive, impactful change in leaders. I am really good at seeing people, seeing their gifts and talents, seeing how things can be better, and then working with them in a compassionate, supportive way to make it better.

From Enneagram 2 Type, I really identify with this description that my "…self-worth invested to be supportive and readily-available…helpful, dependable, providing for and anticipating the needs of others..."

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