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What If You Decided To Be the Easy One, The Lighthearted One?

Last night my daughter and her fiancé, my son and his girlfriend and I were talking about Christmas and how to spend the holidays. We were more specifically discussing who to spend the holidays with when. You know this challenge when that one holiday needs to get carved up into visits with your core family, your partner’s family, and possibly even double if there are divorced parents to manage. In our case there are also ‘on call’ shifts to in the mix plus the fact that their father lives 3 hours away.

My kids have lived mostly with me so naturally I always want to have Christmas dinner with them. But I also want to ease the burden my kids are feeling trying to juggle it all.

I’m remembering last Christmas. My main floor renovation was not finished; I had no sink and most of the appliances were still on backorder. Christmas dinner was pizza from the delivery box, standing around my new kitchen island. There was no Christmas tree, no decorations, no beautiful table setting. And everyone loved it!

So as my kids debated different options, I found myself saying I was okay with whatever plans. I could be the easy one, the one not overly hung up on the day. Because I know, it’s about the time together, not the traditions, not the specific day.

And being lighthearted about it makes it easier for my kids. I glad I can do that for them.

Try this ONE thing

Where could you be easier about things? Where could you replace your need to have your way with an easy, lighthearted approach? I promise you it feels good and it’s also very attractive.

Want to talk about this and how to apply it more in your life? I know the incredible power of talking through something with a thinking partner. Let me be that for you; you will be amazed at the results! Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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