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The Story You Are Currently Telling Yourself Is Your Best Predictor

I’m listening to a webcast about the future of work in this post-pandemic world and how it’s changing us. It’s good, lots of new ways to think about this topic. And I’m also realizing the glut of ‘negative’ words being using by the speaker and the panelists; words like burnout, overwhelm, doing too many things, struggling to manage, etc.

There’s a story behind all those words: the story that life and work is hard, that you can’t do it all and that it’s taking a tremendous toll on all of you. Wow, that’s bleak!

And I’m not sure it’s true.

In the past year, I have started using three new applications at work, welcomed three new colleagues on the team, and adapted or changed countless processes and procedures. This might be the stuff the webcast was talking about, and it surely can be hard…but does it have to be?

What if it’s all in the story we tell ourselves? What if how we navigate through our life is more about how we describe it? Are we using predominantly negative or positive language?

I personally feel energized by all the changes that are happening. Not every moment, of course. Sometimes I’m scared. Sometimes I’m tired. But overall, I’m enjoying this.

I could certainly choose not to enjoy this, but why would I do that?

It was my birthday 2 days ago and I took an extra long weekend. On Friday I hosted 17 people for Easter dinner. I got all 10,000 steps that day just in the house, preparing for my guests. I was tired by the time everyone left, after being on my feet all day and after loading and unloading the dishwasher twice.

Was that the story I told myself? Not at all! My words in my journal and recounting to friends was about how wonderful the day was, how loud my house was and how much laughter was heard, how joyous it felt and how much love was present.

Try this ONE thing

How are you describing your life? Are your words positive or negative? Do you even notice? The surest way to a happy, confident life is to describe all the happy, confident moments, and stop talking about the rest.

I want that confidence for you so that you show up as the confident person you are meant to be. This world needs you and me being our fully confident selves.

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