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The Incredible Joy of Seeing The Gift In What's Happening Right Now

I awoke at 7 am to an internet and cell outage. No big deal, I thought, it’ll probably be back on by the time I’m ready to start work.

I was a little annoyed that I missed my Duolingo lesson that morning and some uplifting and inspirational messages from Abraham Hicks, but I could surely manage for an hour or two without the being connected.

But when it turned into 3 hours, then 6 hours and ultimately 20+ hours, and Canada-wide, now that was another story.

I was fretting about missing work and not being able to tell anyone why I was missing. I was worried about being a ‘no show’ for meetings. As a hyper-achiever, this did not feel good at all.

I busied myself with what I could do for a bit, but there really wasn’t much to do without internet, phone, texts, TV. I was grateful it wasn’t a day I had to teach a class or run any meetings. Okay, the stress level is coming down.

And then…I began to relax. What was the point in wasting my energy on angst?

How could I see this as a gift?

I tidied my desk, then my office, then the floors. I watered the lawn. I practiced my brush lettering. I took a nap. I leaned into this day of idleness and disconnection and began to embrace it.

The universe is always providing for us, and perhaps the universe knew better than me that this was just what I needed.

Try this ONE thing

Can you do this? Can you see whatever is happening right now in your world as a gift, designed especially for you? How would you behave, what would you be doing, if you 100% knew that it actually is a gift? Every moment…every thing is a gift.

If you struggle to embrace the gifts and the goodness that exist right now in your life, let me help you. I am a coach / mentor / cheerleader and I work within all three of these roles to get you where you want to be. Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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