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Surrender to the Supposition Their Idea May Also Be Right

I’ve often thought that some of the nicest, most soul-healing words might be: “You might be right.” When someone says that to me, I can relax, I can breathe, I feel safe, heard, understood. It’s very validating.

And I don’t hear those words often. There’s so much conflict in the world, in the news and in our own tiny lives. Of course, sometimes it’s a reflection of the people I hang around with, but mostly, it’s just a commentary of the competitive world we live in. It’s a reflection of how fast-paced our lives are, and of how much information is coming at us so regularly that we can’t possibly take the time to really listen, digest, discern.

The 10% Rule

This rule asks us to consider that at least 10% of what the other is saying could be right. It asks us to pause on rejecting an argument out of hand to look for what might be right about what they’re saying. It asks us to simply add one sentence into our response: “What I like about what you’re saying…” before we share our perspective.

Try this ONE thing

In your next conversation where you find yourself mentally arguing and preparing your response instead of listening, pause and ask yourself: “What is at least 10% right about what this person is saying?” Guaranteed game changer!

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