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How the Wheel of Life Led Me to a Fabulous Life

I came across a reminder of a tool called The Wheel of Life. It was many years ago and I'm not even sure who to attribute it to since many have claimed authorship. In any case, without realizing it, it became a guiding principle for me.

I recently re-scored myself on it and as I reflected, I was delighted to discover that mine IS a life well lived. Oh sure, this pandemic has brought its challenges to me, and everyone else on this planet. But pandemic notwithstanding, what was once a non-conscious intention has become the real real for me.

I have slowly but surely walked forward into this beautiful life, cleaning up messes as I’ve gone along, asking for what I needed (and getting it or not) and ultimately, I find that my wheel is true and big. Hooray for me!

Try this ONE thing

I want you have that same reaction. Score your wheel and see how true it is? What one or two sectors need a little attention? Find ONE thing can you do right now, this week, or this month to make that sector a little better.

And if that sector is career, have I got a treat for you. Sign up here to be notified as soon as my next Create Your Ideal Job seminar launches. Guaranteed to up your score in that sector.

Talk to me, I can help…whenever you’re ready. Go here to be notified as soon as the next class is open.

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