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In this four-week program, I will share the best secrets to finally stand up to your most-authentic, self-actualized self.

I’m giving you the benefit of all my learnings from 30 years in corporate. 

Here’s what you’ll be doing:


Week 1 – the ONE story

I’ll share my story and how I was inspired to play a bigger game.


Week 2 – the ONE goal
You will visualize what going for something big looks like for you.


Week 3 – the ONE thing

You will explore the ONE thing that can block or stop you. Here you look at things like negative self-talk, recurring unproductive messages, drama and trauma – all those things that come with living life.


Week 4 – the ONE strategy

Once you’ve overcome that block, you figure out a strategy that allows you to confidently walk into your ONE goal.


Four weeks to get you on the way to doing your something extremely important by figuring out your ONE goal, uncovering and resolving your ONE thing that could block or stop you so you can take action on your ONE strategy.

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