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Your Willingness to Never Stop Looking For Miracles Is Key

Every Christmas here in Toronto, my daughter and I drive to this street in Stouffville to see the Santas.

On this one street every house has an illuminated Santa on their lawn, on both sides of the street. And it’s a long street, with probably more than 150 houses.

Besides being a whimsical sight to behold, I find myself wondering at the miracle of it.

How did this idea come about? How did all these neighbours agree?

Toronto is a very multi-cultural city (at one point I’d even heard that Toronto was THE most multi-cultural city in the world) so it’s a certain bet that not all these neighbours have adopted Santa as a Christmas symbol. Even if they are Christian, Santa does not necessarily represent the Christian view of Christmas. And most certainly, many of these neighbours do not even celebrate Christmas. Surely some of these neighbours are not joiners, some may not have wanted to foot the expense, others may have just not liked the idea.

And yet, every house was lit up. How did it happen?

Surely this is a miracle, isn’t it? It sparks surprise and delight and that’s my definition.

Try this ONE thing

Are you finding miracles around you? Are you looking for what sparks surprise and delight? Let yourself be surprised delighted this holiday season.

And then share it with me. We simply cannot have too many miracles.

Want to spend 2023 in surprise and delight? Reach me here to have a conversation about this. We’ll search together.

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