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What's Stopping You?

Keeping with the theme of why New Year’s resolutions don’t work, I’ve learned from all the conversations I’ve had with leaders and clients that there’s always ONE thing that prevents success, forward momentum, the shift in life that’s needed.

Oh sure, lots of things present themselves as barriers, and no doubt many of those barriers do need to be reckoned with at some point. But I’m talking about the ONE thing, that ONE thing that has the ability to change everything else.

People often come to conversations with me with a presenting issue, often something that’s bugging them, that they always seem to be complaining about. And it’s easy to think this is the issue but it’s typically just a symptom. After a little bit of poking, we hit on the real problem…the ONE thing that needs attention because resolving it opens the door to handling some or all the symptoms.

If you’ve been following my blogs and watched my videos, you know that for me it was all about self-love. You can call it inner confidence, the belief that I am enough, or being able to trust my own gut – label it whatever feels right to you, but this ONE thing was in the way of every dream, every request, every struggle I had. Until I resolved it, I stayed stuck. Once I did, the skies parted, and e v e r y t h i n g got easier. Seems magical, doesn’t it?

It is and it isn’t. This is our work, the journey we’re on, and it can be hard at times. But here’s ONE thing I realized…that the more I told my story, the more I discovered that my story is your story; the details are a little different but many of us are struggling with some version of this.

I became convinced that finding and resolving, permanently, the ONE thing that’s stopping you makes all the difference.

Are you READY to resolve your ONE thing?

I like to imagine a world where everyone has the inner peace that comes from the clarity of self-knowledge, the courage to embrace their whole self and the confidence of knowing they are enough. Let’s resolve your ONE thing. Go here to book a free 15-minute call with me. Together we’ll figure out your ONE thing.

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