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Trust in Myself

Often when I’m trying something new, I get a tinge of anxiety wondering whether I’ll be successful.

And if left unchecked, that anxiety can turn into a full-blown crise de confiance, as the French would say…a crisis of confidence.

I’ve learned over the years the best way through that is to trust in myself. It requires a certain letting go of the doubts and reassuring myself the process is sound and I can trust it and trust myself.

Here’s an example: a colleague and I run an executive program that is not your typical leadership training class. It’s powerful and has the capacity to change lives. We know this because we’ve seen it every time we teach it. But occasionally a leader will come in with a less-than-open mindset. They may be suspicious or cynical; they may be there under duress.

I admit this threw me off a bit in the early days. It raised doubts and before I knew it I’d shifted my focus to this one leader, working overtime to win them over. And you can guess how well that turned out.

Over time, I learned to just trust in myself. The program is well-designed, and it works; it changes lives. I know now that if I just leave it be and do what I’m there to do, even that one leader will take something away. It may be not as impactful as what others take away, but I can trust in knowing there will be forward movement, even if it’s small. It happens every time.

Try this ONE thing

When you feel those doubts creeping in, could you try this ONE thing…could you just trust in yourself that you know what you’re doing?

Tell me where you’re going to try it out. I love to hear your stories. You can comment below or send me an email at

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