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The Only Way To Become More Brave Is To Develop That Muscle

I’ve just been listening to some podcasts about bravery for my upcoming Podcast Club meeting. Jon Acuff mentioned that bravery is more muscle than magic, and that it takes practice. Just like doing reps at the gym, you become more brave only if you take opportunities to be brave.

I had two such practices recently, where I had an opportunity to build my bravery muscle.

One practice did not go well at all. I was interrupted, disagreed with, and ultimately not heard. Honestly, I left the exchange feeling a little bit roughed up.

The second practice went so much better. I escalated an issue to a senior leader for whom I didn’t have a ton of knowledge. I was struggling to solve a problem and not even sure if I should raise it.

I should say I’m not the type of person who goes running off to management when a problem arises. I tend to keep it to myself, work the problem on my own and find a way to make things work. In this case, I saw it as another opportunity to build this muscle.

I’m not afraid to say I was nervous. I leaned on friends for moral support, and I calmly planned out my points, but I was still nervous, and almost backed out.

I’m so glad I didn’t because this conversation was a completely different experience. I articulated my perspective professionally, I stayed open and I was honest. What made the conversation so good was that I felt seen and heard, not at all rushed or dismissed.

Is it incredibly healing to be able to speak your truth to someone who is willing to listen.

On balance, I’m 50/50 for being brave recently, but the better stat is that I got two more reps in as I build my bravery muscle, which also builds my confidence. I’m determined to keep adding to the rep count.

Try this ONE thing

Being brave is inextricably linked to confidence. Speaking up, speaking your truth builds your bravery and your confidence. Where can you get at least one bravery rep in this week?

And as I share my own journey to confidence, it is my intention that you’ll join me so that you show up as the confident person you are meant to be. This world needs you and me being our fully confident selves.

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