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The One Person I Am Most Grateful To Have Had In My Life

Tomorrow will mark 21 years since my beloved sister Debbie left us.

If you’d asked me then, I would never have thought my life would go on in such a rich and rewarding way. Debbie was my rock, the person who most encouraged me and believed in me and loved me.

She was the first person I wanted to tell whenever something great happened to me, and whenever I saw something that delighted me or really made me laugh. I still miss being able to pick up the phone and talk to her.

I remember those early days after she passed when I felt untethered, uncertain, and alone. I could not imagine how my life could ever be good again.

But she gave me a Swarovski dragonfly pin that was a gift from her staff. I wore it everyday and later learned that dragonflies come into their colours later in life. I felt like that was her message to me, to keep going because the colours were surely coming. It’s why you’ll see a dragonfly in all my posts.

After the pin cracked and was no longer wearable, a beautiful man surprised me on my birthday with that same Swarovski dragonfly in earrings and a pendant. I still cherish that gift.

The one thing I know is that I am surely who I am today because of Debbie’s influence and love. Her profound belief in me still pushes me on. I sure hope she’s proud of who I’ve become. And I hope I’m honouring her by having that same impact on others.

Try this ONE thing

Think about who has had the biggest impact on you and your life. If they’re still living, take a moment to call them or write them to thank them for what they’ve meant to you. Then go and be that for someone else.

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