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The Easiest Way To Handle Stress: Try Trusting Yourself And The Process

I’m in Palo Alto today for the first time in more than 25 months. It’s my first business trip in that much time and I’m so excited and grateful to be here.

But as I was making my travel arrangements a few weeks, I found myself getting quite anxious about getting the proper tests ahead of time and how to coordinate it all so I could get on both the flight here and the return flight as scheduled.

I was frustrated and nervous and spending too much energy worrying.

And then I thought, wait, I’m not the first person to travel to the US from Canada for 36 hours. I’m not the first person to navigate all the requirements. There surely must be an easy solution and I know I will find it.

As soon as I quit fretting, solutions started coming to me: I ran into someone who’d done it, my pharmacist gave me some options, my airline had travel testing kits available. I made a plan. Whew!

I am realizing this was about trusting myself and trusting the process. Everything changed once I started trusting.

Try this ONE thing

What is currently vexing you? Could you take a step back and try a little trust? Here’s a favourite mantra of mine: ‘just for this moment, I shall not worry but I shall trust’. It always works for me. It will work for you.

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