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One Succinct Sentence to Kickstart Your Goal

Now that you’ve vanquished your fears about your gateway goal, it’s time to put it all together into one simple, yet succinct sentence that will really spotlight what exactly you are trying to accomplish by when.

I always try to get the goal as clear in my mind as I possibly can for the simple reason that it’s easier for me to remember it and to share it with others whom I want to cheer me on.

You might not have that clear sentence down yet and that’s okay because my FREE guide for this month will help you release those fears so you can not only write down that sentence but feel courageous enough to own it. Get your pens ready!

Try this ONE thing

Create your one-sentence goal here by downloading my FREE guide My #3 Secret Success Tip: Make Your Goal Very Simple to find out how you can be sure you’re working on your gateway goal.

Make sure you’re signed up to get my blog so you won’t miss next month’s secret success tip.

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