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While cleaning out my front hall closet, I was reminded of a tiny miracle that happened on a trip to San Diego last April. I flew Air Canada and since it was a short trip, I took a carry-on for the first time. So worried was I that I would forget it in the overhead bin, that I ended up forgetting my down jacket which I’d stuffed under the seat with my laptop bag.

I left it under seat 17B but unfortunately didn’t realize until the end of the day.

I called Air Canada and they directed me to their Lost and Found website to log a claim. I

checked it that night, the next morning and the next evening but no trace of my jacket. It was about this time that I began to make peace with the fact that it was gone and consoled myself that the cold weather in Toronto was mostly done for the season.

On that Wednesday I returned to the airport and during check-in with Air Canada, I asked one final time if my jacket had turned up. The agent personally went to the Lost and Found but no luck.

“Oh well, I guess it’s gone. Thanks for checking.”, I said to her.

Fast forward an hour and I’m walking down the jetway when I spy my jacket hanging over an unoccupied wheelchair. What?! I quickly check the pockets and my treasured, fur-trimmed leather mittens are there. I grab my jacket, and I’m so overjoyed that I want to tell everyone around me, none of whom I know. What luck!!! It’s surely a miracle.

And this tiny miracle had me reflecting on ONE thing I learned years ago which is that we are always been cared for and watched over such that miracles of all sizes await. Share one of your miracles in the comments.

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