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How You Can Bless Yourself By Being A Blessing To Others

A colleague called beset with anxiety over some challenges with getting a travel visa. As she listed the myriad hoops she’d have to jump through to get to her destination, I could empathize. I’ve been there over the years and it’s quite stressful.

I encouraged her to keep going, to try as hard as she could, expressing confidence that all would work out. But I also suggested a fallback plan to just let it go if it got too impossible. While it wouldn’t be ideal to miss the trip, there were other ways to accomplish her objective of being ready to deliver the new course.

Coco Chanel had this great line, If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit, there’s no use being a damn fool about it.

She wrote me a little later to say how blessed she felt to have me in her life. Several hours later she was able to clear through the first and biggest hurdle.

I felt so blessed that I could help. Many have helped me throughout my life, and I am glad I was able to play that forward. And to reflect on the love others have shown me over the years. What a lift this added to my day.

Try this ONE thing

Where can you be a blessing to others in your life? Putting your focus on being a blessing to others will bless you as well.

Hey! Are you already successful and accomplished? Do you have many things to appreciate about your life right now? Are you always open to learning more and growing yourself?

Despite all your successes, do you sometimes doubt yourself? Do you hesitate to go after what you really want in life?

Or maybe you dismiss your past successes, putting them down to luck, and don’t really see how extraordinary you really are?

If this sounds like you, you and I should have a conversation. Drop me a line here,, and let’s talk!

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