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How Often Do You Allow Your Heart To Change Your Mind?

“Listening to another’s voice as they make a controversial argument is literally humanizing. It makes it easier to engage with what that person has to say.” This idea from Professor Juliana Schroeder at UC Berkeley was quoted in the TED Talk How to Disagree Productively and Find Common Ground. It’s by Julia Dhar who shares stories from her time as a champion debater.

We need so much more of this, don’t we? The idea of really listening to someone as they are speaking, so much so that they feel really heard. It’s about really putting your heart into listening.

If we all did that just a tiny bit more, we might actually find ourselves genuinely open to persuasion. The question she asked is still rolling around in my mind: “When is the last time you changed your opinion?”. Hmmm, I have to think about that. And whenever I did, why did I and how did I?

Do I go into conversations with an openness to changing my mind? Not enough, I’m afraid, but that changes now. It starts with really listening to another’s point of view.

Try this ONE thing

How about you, are you genuinely open to persuasion? Can you start now? Imagine how your world might change if you did.

I’ve updated my website and I’d love you to have a look and see what’s there for you. Go to Karen Laidlaw the ONE thing.

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