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Are Women Really Leaving the Workforce in Droves?

“Globally, women compose 39% of employment, but more than 50% of overall pandemic job losses last year.” (McKinsey Global Institute).

I am having so many conversations with women who are feeling so challenged lately that they’re considering leaving their jobs. The reasons are myriad: from feeling overwhelmed and overrun as a result of the pandemic, to feeling underutilized and under-challenged, to feeling sick and tired of the constant struggle to be seen and heard.

I get it. I’ve felt all those things, sometimes in the same week!

What’s an intelligent, competent, confident woman to do?

Dwell in possibilities, of course. Too many times we tell ourselves there are only two options: quit or stay. This is what’s called ‘all or nothing’ thinking. There are only two choices and both of them stink.

In reality, there is a whole lot of space between quitting and staying. For instance, you could decide to stay AND:

  • Change jobs

  • Change the job

  • Job share

  • Get crystal clear on what you need and want

  • Speak the truth about what’s not working

  • Ask for support

  • Negotiate some boundaries

  • And, and, and…

At one point in my corporate career, when I felt my only option was to quit, I gave myself permission to do so. Freed from feeling trapped into staying, I began to see other possibilities and to tap into what I really wanted. I considered some external opportunities, but the game-changer was having a candid conversation with my senior leader. I laid it all out in a respectful, collaborative way. I was looking for help because I really didn’t want to quit.

It took another couple of months but I landed in a different role within that organization, one that was better suited to my talents, that energized me and allowed me to do some of my best work.

So glad I didn’t quit.

Try this ONE thing

It’s International Women’s Day today. May we all take a moment to celebrate how much we’ve achieved, independently and collectively. And may we be resolved to continue the journey by making it our journey, the one we really want to be on.

Try this ONE thing…BONUS!

I’m creating a NEW program to support you in creating the job you love. You’re already successful but there’s ONE thing extra you need to take the next big shot. I’m looking for 8 of you who want to join me for FREE to learn how I did it and how you can too!

The first session is on Saturday, April 10 at Noon Eastern (that’s my birthday, but I’m the one giving a gift). I’m only asking for 2 things: that you come ‘all in’ and that you give me feedback throughout.

The first 8 people to sign up here OR reply to this email saying “I’m in Karen!” will be part of my inaugural class.

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