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Another Jedi Mind Trick

Last week I introduced you to the “If/Then” statement as a way to trick your brain into doing something other than what it thinks it wants to do. Did you try? Tell me about your success with it.

Another thing that could block or stop your success at your gateway goal is fatigue. Sometimes it feels like you have to work so hard and so continuously, that your willpower is getting stretched to its breaking point. Next thing you know, you’re backsliding. What do you need? A rest.

In January I did a 30-day squat challenge, thanks to my new friend Cathy Jeppesen on Facebook. After 30 days I had done 2,035 squats. I’m pretty sure that equals my lifetime total up to that point. The secret of my success? Rest Days. They were actually built into the challenge.

Try this ONE thing

Build in rest days. I like to call them ‘cheat days’ where you can take a break, have a brownie (okay, that might be just me), take your eye off the ball.

The secret is to make sure it’s only a rest, a small break so you can re-energize and re-charge yourself, ready to continue back on the journey of your gateway goal.

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